How iron and copper contaminate drinking water

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There are various drinking water contaminants out there. In order to protect yourself against them, you need to know what they are. To assist with this, we have listed some of them below.


The first pollutant we are going to speak about is iron. When snow melts or rain falls, water dribbles through iron-bearing rock and soil. This causes the element to break down and tiny particles get into the liquid. As a result supplies in wells, rivers and reservoirs can contain it. In certain instances, corrosion of water pipes and or steel or iron well casings can also allow the metal to get into supplies.


Next, we have copper. This metal typically gets into supplies because of the corrosion of the plumbing within a structure. Saying this, it is possible for the element to enter the water due to the erosion of natural deposits found in wells. The volumes and varieties of minerals the liquid holds determines the quantity of copper you find in your water. Other factors include the duration the water remains in the pipes, the wear, and the water’s temperature and acidity.

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