Is my tank in terrible condition?

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The main issue with process tanks is that they typically remain out of sight. As a result, owners have a habit of forgetting about them entirely. As a result problems such as deterioration can start developing. For such cases, our process tank refurbishment proves essential.

Regardless of whether they check their tanks frequently or not, the majority of individuals won’t know that their system is about to fail. However, there are indications out there that you can look for. The following are some of the signs that your tank is ready to crash.


You can use the age of your module to give you an idea of what state it is in. Discern the age by looking for the manufacturer’s sticker. Usually, most tanks that are over a decade old are ones you should think about replacing. If yours is a few years younger, a refurbishment will likely yield positive results.

How’s your water?

Rusty water is another sign to watch out for. This can be a clear indicator that rusting is occurring in the system, whether in the tank itself or the pipes. In addition, the rust could inform you that a leak might be imminent. Many systems have galvanised steel pipes. The protective coating won’t last forever though. When it wears away the steel is vulnerable and rusting can occur.

A great test you can do is drain a few buckets worth of water out of the tank. If the water is still rusty by the time you reach the third bucket, then it’s probably the tank’s fault. Therefore you should think about replacement or new lining.

Where is the tank?

In some cases tanks are in accessible locations where it is easy to inspect them. You should have a look yourself if it is safe to do so. If you notice any flaws you should call for advice. This is especially wise if a leak could cause lots of damage, for example if it is in the loft above a home.

In other situations the tank may be somewhere it won’t cause harm if it leaks. Therefore you can wait until the tank is completely worn out and leaking before replacing it. We don’t recommend this though because you will waste resources.

At Nationwide Water Solutions, the flexible lining system we use is an excellent choice for our process tank refurbishment jobs. You can roll it up and move the lining through small apertures. Not to mention, it can save you lots of money and time.

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