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Waste water management is important if you live in or own a commercial building that is not connected to a mains sewage system. There are many convenient benefits offered by septic tanks and cesspools, and we can supply a range of solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. In addition, we can offer quality sewage systems for the successful treatment of waste before it is released into the ground. The major advantage of these systems is that your waste does not have to be taken to a treatment plant before being released into local water bodies.

Sewage treatment eliminates the contaminants that are present. The purpose is to produce an effluent stream that can be discharged into receiving waters, presenting no threat to the environment or people. The majority of sewage is fairly harmless, usually bathroom and kitchen waste. However, commercial environments produce other forms of waste such as food and kitchen grease from restaurants and chemicals from industrial plants. The most common pollutants present in sewage are solids and nutrients, particularly bacteria and nitrogen compounds. There may also be several pathogenic organisms in the waste including waterborne parasites and viruses.

We carry an extensive selection of sewage treatment systems and water tanks and we can offer the ideal solution for all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential environments. Our systems are constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic and deliver a vast range of advantages over alternative systems that handle the disposal of waste water.

With our systems, your environment will remain free from unpleasant odours. As the treatment is localised, there is less risk of spillages and burst pipes which means a reduced risk of environmental damage. The effluent can be safely sent to streams and local lakes, waste products can be transformed into fertiliser and the methane gas produced can be utilised as a renewable energy source.

Our GPR tanks are a wise investment as they are resistant to corrosion and rust and provide long term durability. They require very little maintenance and can last for as long as 50 years. They are easy to install in any location and are highly resistant to shock and severe temperatures, but should they incur any damage they can be repaired easily and inexpensively. They can be supplied in several categories and specifications and are suitable for all manner of commercial, domestic and industrial premises.