Never underestimate the consequences of ignoring legionella

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The legionella risk assessment services that we provide are among our most exhaustive. We take care because it is vital to obtain accurate results. This makes it easier to eliminate the harmful bacteria and keep people safe. While it’s true that we work quickly, we don’t allow this to compromise our standards.

Evidence indicates that Residents Management Company (RMC) Directors think of legionella as a low risk, low priority problem. With Health & Safety, it normally isn’t all that high on the pecking order. People tend to forget about it and concentrate more on the likes of asbestos and fire. Nonetheless, it would be a grave error to snub the issue.

Communal water systems

You must be cautious if your property has communal water networks that support more than a single property. If this is the case, you need to find out if there’s any danger from legionella.

Normally, you can discover the bacteria within tanks. The issue is that the water can go stagnant and stay at a temperature that permits legionella to thrive. If a property has a tank it is vital to maintain it properly and test regularly to ensure there is no risk.

The majority of modern homes have direct feed water systems. What this means is that there are no stored water systems or tanks. As a result there is little risk of an issue. The RMC company should still play it safe and arrange periodic water tests though.

The above isn’t always the case though. If there is a tank, whether it provides drinking water, feeds showers or supplies grey water, the need for a legionella risk assessment is huge. They should be done regularly to ensure safety.

At Nationwide Water Solutions, there are many steps involved in our assessments. For example, we look for possible stagnation and the potential for aerosol formation. Something else we check is heat increase or loss. It is vital that water tanks remain at a stable temperature rather than fluctuating.

If you ever find yourself in need of a legionella risk assessment, please get in touch with us. We serve the whole of the UK and strive to keep everybody safe.