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Water tank cleaning and system chlorination is a service that aims to prevent bacteria from contaminating your supply. For the best results, it is important to clean the tanks consistently. Our own team members possess year’s worth of experience in this field. Consequently, they are the ideal people to talk to if you have any concerns about your installation.

It is important that you disinfect your tank. However, you must also ensure that it’s actually ready for the procedure. Those who are unfamiliar with the cleaning process won’t know what to do. To help, we are going to discuss the actions you should take here.

The approach

To begin with, if there are any circulating pumps or system boosters, you need to electrically isolate them. Confirm that any hot water network that’s due to undergo chemical disinfection is working at a temperature lower than 25°C. See to it that the main, and when necessary the subordinate, heat source is secluded. If the temperature levels are above 25°C in your complex, you should open your outlets and draw off your water. Do this until the temperature drops.

Employ a submersible pump to drain your tank. With rooftop models, confirm that your drain is sufficiently sized and not vulnerable to leaks. Fully open the valves once the water supply in each tank falls to 50% of its standard functioning degree.

Afterwards, flush the rising main for a minimum of five minutes. This will wash sediment existing inside the main into your tank. It’ll halt any issues with discoloured water or the sediment itself once chlorination has concluded too.

At Nationwide Water Solutions, the approach we use depends on the variety of tank we’re working with. For example, with closed systems, we utilise a drum and mobile dosing pump for the chlorination. With a few exceptions, this strategy is identical to gravity feed.

If you require our water tank cleaning and system chlorination, make sure you contact our people. We will offer advice and arrange the right service for you.