Tank technology for acid storage

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We have become well known for providing the finest protective linings to be placed inside watertanks, as well as professional repair and refurbishment work. As a result of this, we are also often asked to provide a solution for the storage of other liquids. As a versatile company, we are ready to serve any industry that requires safe and reliable storage for non-water liquid. Acid storage is one of the biggest challenges facing industry, but it is one that we are equipped to meet.

Companies who use acid face two primary challenges. The first is that they must ensure the acid cannot be easily accessed or allowed to contaminate water supplies. The second is finding a suitable place to store the substance despite its corrosive nature. We meet these two challenges by using the same methodology we use for our range of watertanks.

Each type of acid has its own specific nature and level of corrosiveness, which is why we always provide an individual, bespoke service to suit the client’s needs. Over the years we have devised unique coating systems for tanks storing hydrochloric acid, as well as the hydrofluoric and nitric acids used by chemical cleaning companies. We are also able to provide electroplating businesses with solutions for optimal safe storage of sulphuric acid.

Due to the nature of the substance stored, acid tanks tend to have a shorter lifespan than a standard water tank. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t provide safe and reliable storage for the time they are needed. Our service is designed to put companies in the best position when it comes to extending the life of their tank and maximising safety in the workplace. Our acid tank linings will provide you with excellent results, no matter which form of acid is being stored. Get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss any aspect of our tank lining service and we will work with you to find the most suitable answer to your needs.