Our sectional cold water tanks are an ideal solution for storing high volumes of water in areas where access is poor or seriously restricted. Sectional tanks are constructed from one metre square panels, with half panels for severely restricted access. All panels are manufactured from Glass Fibre and hot pressed to ensure strength and rigidity.


Sectional cold water tanks are made from a variety of different materials, including plastic, steel, fibreglass, concrete, ceramic, or stone. Water storage tanks are generally designed to be extremely long lasting if they are maintained properly but they can be susceptible to problems that require remedial treatment.

The biggest problem for cold water tanks is that they are susceptible to leaks. Tanks can also be corroded over time or they can be damaged by environmental factors such as temperature, high winds or earthquakes. As tanks are usually located in the roof space many leaks can go undetected until substantial damage has been caused, including damp patches on walls and ceilings.

We can reduce the cost by refurbishing existing tanks, and repairing these to a like new condition. To do this we employ grit blasting to remove the corrosion inside the tanks and then line the tank with polypropylene.

Grit blasting removes all traces of corrosion from the surface of the steel and once the tank is clean and free from grease, it can either be lined with polypropylene or coated with an epoxy resin material.

Our refurbishment service covers all aspects of the works including draining, cleaning, lining or coating application, pipework

Cold Water Tanks – Sectional & One Piece Specification

  • 50mm Encapsulated Insulation
  • Hot Pressed GRP
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • Screened Overflow
  • Screened Air Vent
  • Access Hatch