One, Two and Three tanks supplied and / or installed. Multi sectional tanks for high capacity or restricted areas. Fibreglass water tanks can be manufactured to any size or shape, with a range of ancillary products stocked.

Fibreglass water tanks are constructed using polyester resins which are ideal for storing a range of liquids and chemicals. They are resistant to acid, caustic chemicals, high temperatures and also aerobic and galvanic corrosion as well as many different chemical compounds. Petrochemical liquid’s can be carefully housed within a fibreglass tank also.

Our one piece fibreglass water tanks are the companies most popular range, supplying both the domestic and commercial sector. One piece tanks are available with capacities ranging from 43 Litres up to 24000 Litres. These tanks are ideal for projects where access to and around the tanks final location is good.

Our two piece fibreglass water tanks are ideally suited for projects where the tanks installation area is slightly restricted and a one pie tank is not suitable. This range of tank starts at 910 Litres and can be built up to 5690 Litres. Other capacity tanks can be manufactured to suit your needs.

Our three piece fibreglass water tanks are suited to areas where access is poor and a sectional tank is not preferred. The two and three piece versions are simple to build and offer a fantastic solution to water storage in old and new building alike.

Finally, our sectional water tank range is ideal for areas where access is extremely poor or large volumes of storage are required. All panels are hot press moulded for quality and strength and include encapsulated insulation.

All the above fibreglass tanks come complete with seals, lid breather and fixings for construction. If you have any further questions regarding the above fibreglass ranges, please call our experienced sales team or technical department.

Fibreglass Water Tanks – Types & Uses

  • One Piece Tanks – Good Access & Large Volumes Possible
  • Two Piece Tanks – Average Access & Medium Volumes Possible
  • Three Piece Tanks – Poor Access & Medium Volumes Possible
  • Sectional Tanks – Good / Poor Access & High Volumes Possible