Our one, two and three piece loft tanks are designed for tank rooms or loft areas where access is restricted. This range of tank is easy to build and comes complete with a year guarantee. Our engineers have years of experience in tank removal and installing this type of tank.


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We refurbish and replace a wide range of loft tanks, ranging from small domestic tanks up to large sectional reservoirs. We carry out work in commercial, retail and industrial premises. We can manufacture any size of loft tank tailored to the space you have available.

Older properties occasionally still have galvanised steel loft tanks. These can be susceptible to corrosion and should be carefully maintained to prevent contamination of the cold water supply. Once the tank has begun to show signs of corrosion it is possible it will soon start leaking. In order to prevent further damage the tank should either be repaired or replaced. If the tank is badly corroded it is usually safer, and more economical, to replace it with a polyethylene plastic loft tank, as these are practically corrosion free.

Our loft tanks are normally constructed from polyethylene plastic for strength and stability. Tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for all types of properties, ranging from small houses to large commercial properties. A small loft tank would have around an 18 litre capacity, whereas a larger tank can be 200 litres upwards.

Loft tanks need to be carefully maintained to ensure that the cold water contained within remains drinkable and any new tank installation should adhere to water regulatory By-laws. Water should always be well ventilated to keep it fresh.

Loft Tanks Supplied & Installed

  • One Piece Tanks
  • Two Piece Tanks
  • Three Piece Tanks
  • Sectional Tanks
  • Rainwater Tanks
  • Sewage Tanks