In 1994 we created a revolutionary new water tank lining system using flexible polypropylene, this is vastly superior to the butyl systems as it has increased resistance to ageing. Its joints are heat welded as opposed to solvent which dramatically improves the material’s durability and chemical resistance. This ground breaking invention provides the perfect solution to a host of different issues.

As our water tank linings are manufactured prior to the site work, installation is extremely quick. Water tanks up to around 6000 litres can be completed within 3 – 4 hours, with larger tanks normally completed within the day. In most circumstances this means work that would normally be done on weekends or out of hours, can now be completed during normal working hours.

Our water tank liner can be installed in small one piece tanks or large multi sectional reservoirs the main benefits are:

  • Rapid Installation – Most small to medium sized tanks can be lined within 6 hours
  • Cures Leaking Tanks – Existing tank used to support the weight of the tank and contents only, lining provides watertight integrity
  • Solvent Free – No solvents or cure time required meaning rapid installation and immediate refilling.
  • 10 year Guarantee – Full no quibble guarantee issued on the completion of all lining works
  • No Cure Time – Immediate filling on completion of lining, all joints hot air welded.
  • Glass like Finish – Extremely smooth finish means future cleaning is easy and inspections are simple.

Water Tank Lining Uses

  • Leaking Tanks
  • Severely Corroded Tanks
  • Sprinkler Tanks
  • Bunded Areas
  • Acid Tanks

If you would like us to carry out a water tank lining project for you please call us on 0345 505 2540 or send your details to us via our enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss the details of your project. We offer a free no obligation water tank survey, outlining any remedial works required and a costing.